Nathan W. Fransen, Esq

Nathan has an extensive background in the real estate and mortgage industries. Prior to becoming an attorney, Nathan managed a branch office for a national lender and then operated his own brokerage which was licensed in several states and with offices throughout California. Laws relating to real estate and mortgage lending are complex, but Nathan’s background demystifies the complexities, identifies the key issues, and expeditiously resolves matters. Brokers often consult Nathan to ensure proper compliance with the ever-changing laws affecting their business. Nathan obtained his Juris Doctorate from Chapman University School of Law in 2005 and is admitted to practice in state and federal courts throughout California.

To hear attorney Nathan Fransen argue before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal Court) CLICK HERE to be taken to an interview with Nathan and Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters. The interview is interwined with actual audio of Nathan arguing his case before the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court. Mandelman Matters is a website full of information about the mortgage crisis.

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